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The Council survey (including my response) & the Garden Village Society leaflet...


Cruise Liner Terminal


 Apart from the mirth generated amongst those connected with the water around the practicalities of this project, where is the sanity of planning law with respect to placing the terminal adjacent to the Victoria Dock housing estate?                                                        Reference: HMS Illustrious


 Yes, I am aware that the Council has limited stretches of estuary frontage which it owns but that does not constitute justifiable reasoning, rather it raises the alarm!

 Which brings us to the most obvious point, if it were possible to produce a genuine business case, then surely ABP would have already done so and then gone on to build the terminal in an appropriate place, e.g. a deep water channel adjacent to functioning docks?




 Concerned about energy costs, ethical issues related to generation or the vast profits made at your expense?


 Then why not use your power as a consumer to convey your views to the ’big six’ by switching to one of the other suppliers who operate a philosophy more in keeping with your own.


 Below are three links worth investigating...


 If you use the code FFR1 when switching to Ecotricity, £60 is donated to Frack Free Ryedale.


of the

White Elephant



Pashby House


 This building has been regenerated by converting it into much needed flats, a similar use to its’ original purpose.


 It has been retained in public ownership, thus denying developers their profit at public expense and the renovation has been done to a high standard.


 A thumbs up all round for Hull City Council.

 Sadly the Council sold this building (even though it was donated to the people of this City in the first place) and the land adjacent to it is also in private hands. So we wait with more than a little trepidation for the outcome of the conversion into flats.

James Reckitt Library


Proposals for traffic calming in the

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